It Begins…

Quit job. No ‘home’. Dwindled belongings down to nothing. A story similar to the many who pack up to travel the world for an extended period of time.
I had no idea when I gave two months notice to my corporate job that an opportunity to work remotely would fall into my lap after my first one-way ticket was booked; it’s one of the many blessings the universe would offer me during my travels.

I thought the life of a digital nomad would be as glamorous as it is on Instagram – it’s not.
However, not a day goes by that I overlook the joy it is to be in some incredible destination, meeting unique, diverse individuals and definitely enjoying a whiskey (or local beer) along the way.

My secret is to leap – jump at life, even when it’s scary AF.  Getting out of my comfort zone ultimately makes me stronger and always teaches me a new lesson.  Turns out, the world around me happens to be the best educator and tuition is a fraction of what I paid in the States.

Cheers, whatever happens next is sure to be an adventure.