About Us

After five years, two friends reconnected..
Life had changed – some drastic but all in all, positive changes for us both. With a few quick text messages, we’d coaxed one another into traveling, but not just a cheeky week away…

Whiskey & Whims is about two completely different women that have always felt connected to each other and both share the desire for adventures, abroad and domestically.

We happen to both enjoy two key things:

  1. Whiskey. Scottish, Irish or American – its mostly all delicious. Enjoy it how you please, we both have our own preferences.
  2. Whims. Both Bry & Ciara have made plenty of quick, life changing decisions – some with good reason, some without. Either way, it keeps life interesting.

So, what you can expect from us:

  1. Murphy’s Law – whatever can go wrong, may likely go wrong for us. But, we’ll have a good time because we’re simply lucky to be roaming.
  2. Words and Photos about our travels, resources, mistakes, local cuisine, general run-ins with near death experiences, new friends and old friends along the way, and surely, a good whiskey now and then.