Emerald Isle 1.0

If I only focused on the beer and whiskey consumed in Ireland, I’d be leaving out some of the true highlights. The majority of my time was spent in County Kilkenny with my family, but time was made for quick trip to County Clare to visit Lahinch, (well known west coast surf hot spot) and a few fun days in Dublin.  There is an abundance of picturesque views along the way with some major attractions that make an Ireland road trip a must do.  DSC00681 (2)

Things I Recommend NOT Missing
-Book of Kells, Trinity College Library. You find yourself surrounded by over 100,000 first edition works and the busts of iconic philosophers. The campus is centrally located in the city and founded in 1592, with plenty of historic gorgeous buildings to stroll around. Worth hitting St. Stephen’s Green along your way on a nice day; it feels like the entire city put on their tank tops as soon as the sun came out on a spring day. IMG_20170505_083808
-Cliffs of Moher. Lives up to the hype that has made it Ireland’s number one tourist attraction.  I recommend taking the path less traveled to avoid the crowds – its located just by the Rock Shop outside of Liscannor. DSC00704 (2)
-Kilkenny Castle and Doherty’s Bar. The castle is very nostalgic to me, but truly an icon of the city. Picnic on the grounds, stroll the rose garden, video chat your favorite person and spend some time soaking it in.  I fully acknowledge my biased opinion, but I brought a cousin from Boston here with her husband and she was also smitten! After hitting over a dozen pubs in Kilkenny alone, Doherty’s may have served me my finest pint of Guinness. No hard feelings to the many other pubs and their fine bartenders, of course. DSC00739 (2)


Cheers! -Ciara

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