Concrete Antics – Slovakia

I close my eyes and see many shades of grey, cement, broken sidewalks and stone everywhere; yet I feel a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. These are the two impressions I am left with after my days in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The monotonous scenery is a lasting result from […]

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Kayaks and Castles

Many people hit Prague in Czech Republic and move on – this is a BIG mistake. A bus ride a few hours south, for just €7.75 you can relax and enjoy the beautiful UNESCO Heritage site of Český Krumlov.  Known for its 13th Century Castle and situated along the Vltava River, this town looks straight out […]

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Adventures in Prague

A flight, bus and metro would take us into Prague, our next destination.  Early impressions of the city were filled with gorgeous architecture, heaps of tourists following someone with a rubber duck (or something equally as obnoxious) on a stick and a very crowded Charles Bridge.  We settled into Hostel Mango, happy to find a […]

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Joining the 63%

You may have heard that many people bike in Amsterdam – what you may not know is that bikes are potentially more dangerous and prevalent than cars in the city.  63% of the population rides a bike daily; it is not something you can avoid here.  Certainly, as a visiting pedestrian, you feel alarmed that […]

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Amsterdam On A Whim

The beginning of an epic adventure.   For months we’d been talking about our adventure, the way you talk about a new movie coming out or a new flavor being released- we were excited beyond doubt! But did we have all the details down? Not in the slightest. So we found each other at the […]

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THE Club to Join

Key Reminder: Trust your bartender.  I was tipped off by Bramble to head just down Queen St. in Edinburgh for a visit to the Whisky Society, or SMWS (Scotch Malt Whisky Society).  Upon walking into a fancy row house, I initially felt out of my league as a non-member in this club. I soon found a […]

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Edinburgh, Not So Solo

Massively pushing my decision to visit Edinburgh was to meet up with my friend Ian, whom I met at a surf trip in France earlier in 2016.  His grandmother lives in Buckstone, just outside of the city proper and the two of them graciously hosted me for the weekend. Her home is filled with family photos […]

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