Why I hated the Pyramids

That’s right. I absolutely love Egypt and if you read the post prior to this – you know part of my heart remains in Egypt. Every vibe was positive. With one single exception – the fucking Pyramids. What most people travel thousands of miles to see, an ancient wonder of the world – I’d recommend […]

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Egypt Stole My Heart

First – book your flight now. 100% serious. Just go to Egypt. Secondly – I regret it was a ‘layover’ destination. Austin, my travel companion, and I were slated to have a week in Egypt. A Moroccan taxi driver straight up ruined that and a flight was missed and delayed us over two days.  Now I […]

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Concrete Antics & Slovakia

I close my eyes and see many shades of grey, cement, broken sidewalks and stone everywhere; yet I feel a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. These are the two impressions I am left with after my days in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The monotonous scenery is a lasting result from […]

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Kayaks and Castles

Many people hit Prague in Czech Republic and move on – this is a BIG mistake. A bus ride a few hours south, for just €7.75 you can relax and enjoy the beautiful UNESCO Heritage site of Český Krumlov.  Known for its 13th Century Castle and situated along the Vltava River, this town looks straight out […]

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Adventures in Prague

A flight, bus and metro would take us into Prague, our next destination.  Early impressions of the city were filled with gorgeous architecture, heaps of tourists following someone with a rubber duck (or something equally as obnoxious) on a stick and a very crowded Charles Bridge.  We settled into Hostel Mango, happy to find a […]

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Joining the 63%

You may have heard that many people bike in Amsterdam – what you may not know is that bikes are potentially more dangerous and prevalent than cars in the city.  63% of the population rides a bike daily; it is not something you can avoid here.  Certainly, as a visiting pedestrian, you feel alarmed that […]

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Amsterdam On A Whim

The beginning of an epic adventure.   For months we’d been talking about our adventure, the way you talk about a new movie coming out or a new flavor being released- we were excited beyond doubt! But did we have all the details down? Not in the slightest. So we found each other at the […]

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